Tech-talk: David Clarke of Wonga on Scaling Agile Planning

Yesterday, David Clarke of Wonga came and talked to us about how they plan the work that they take on in engineering. Regularly, across a unit of 150 people, in a company of 600.


David Clarke, Head of Tech Delivery.


Planning @ Wonga
Every six weeks all our Scrum teams (approx. 8), together with Tech Ops and Commercial guys go off site to plan. We have done this at Wonga for a long time. The evolution to what and how we do it reflects Wonga’s evolution as an organisation from early start up days to being a formally regulated body. To people coming along for the first time it can seem like organised chaos.

  • Why we do it (and what happens when we don’t)
  • Who is involved (and what happens when they are not)
  • How we prepare for planning
  • How we do it (and lots of ways we don’t do it anymore, epic failures included)
  • What metrics we collect
  • Biscuit awards (and other ways to keep it fun)

The talk will be based on real planning event artefacts, data and plenty of photos from the events.


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