At Just Eat Takeaway, we have a strong culture of public speaking, both internally and externally. From small meetups to global conferences we love being given the opportunity to share our experience.

Active public speakers

Steve O’Gallagher

Steve O'Gallagher profile picture

Steve is a Software Engineer interested in “how” and “why” we create new digital products rather than just “what” we create. Having spent most of his 20’s performing in bands across Europe, he is a far cry from the stereotype of a shy Engineer.

Elizabeth Hanson

Elizabeth is a Technology Manager at Just Eat Takeaway. She is a strong proponent of agile methodologies and is passionate about encouraging young people to get excited about technology. She is also a mother of two daughters.

Elliot Blackburn

As a Senior Software Engineer at Just Eat Takeaway, Elliot’s focuses on building customer facing products that actually get the job done. He’s loves talking about big ideas and is always sinking his teeth into new technologies and ways of working.

Matthew Kempa

Matt is a Software Engineer for Just Eat Takeaway in Bristol, UK. He is deeply passionate about diversity in STEM and is keen to follow in the footsteps of his mentors by giving back to the development and STEM communities.

Nir Peled

Building stuff since 2005, Nir loves both the technical part and the business side of a product, admires great UI/UX (won’t settle for less), a true Agile believer, automation process, data-driven decision making, continuous delivery and great R&D culture in general.

David ten Hove

David is a Lead Software Developer located in Enschede who cares greatly about software quality, whether it’s code, design or infrastructure. Always looking to put things as simply as possible and eager to be proven wrong, few things excite him more than talking and learning about modern software development.

Maxim Vetrenko

Maxim is an experienced manager with a background in different programming languages and patterns, databases, micro-services architecture designs according to DDD, and different cloud solutions. He currently helps and encourages teams to make an impact, and become outcome and value driven.

His passion is to build things that will be used by millions of people on a daily basis, and it’s his job to find a balance between bringing value to the customers, keeping technical excellence, people development and improving business metrics.

He is a huge fan of DDD, common sense and good humor.