Open Source


“We use OpenSource to make us faster, better and to allow us to concentrate on the real business concerns. We don’t always find exactly what we need, so sometimes we build / customise our tools. We believe that by contributing these back we can make the development community a better place.”
– Some developer @ Just Eat

At Just Eat Takeaway, we are using and abusing many many open source projects because they’re solving a common problem shared by us developers, we have very little interest in re-inventing the wheel, and quite simply, they work and are tested by a community far greater than the few of us here.

That said, we are constantly innovating and every now and again we come up with something super neat that we can’t find an ‘out-of’the-box’ answer to; which we would like to contribute back to the community in the hope of solving some more of those common problems.

Whether we’re running open source software in production, or using open source productivity tools in order to get us out to production quicker, our platform is built on open source, and morally it feels that by becoming contributors we are doing the right thing.

Popular Projects

Basic Contribution Guidelines

We follow a pretty standard process for GitHub, described pretty well by the dudes over at

We’ve placed a file in each of our repos which detail any specific requirements for contributing to that project, but the basic gist is something alone these lines:

  1. Open an issue – have a conversation. Someone on the moderator list of the project will reply to you as soon as we can.
  2. You can always tweet us @justeat_tech 
  3. Fork
  4. Test … Work … Test … Work … lalala
  5. Open a Pull Request against the issue
  6. We will work through getting your extensions merged in

Some of our Principles

  • We want to contribute back
  • We want YOU to contribute
  • We would LOVE to hear your feedback; via issues raised, tweets, blogs – (we’re not afraid of criticism)
  • We have a responsibility to make our projects readable, easy to develop against and with a good (well written) test coverage
  • Good test coverage –> high confidence


Our Open Source software is generally licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please check the individual project’s license.txt file for specifics.