Tracking AWS support tickets across accounts with JustSupport

Just Eat Service Operations Centre announces the release of Just Support under the Apache 2.0 License.
JustSupport is a tool that helps you keep track of AWS support cases across multiple accounts. It integrates with Jira to enable tracking of internal tickets by updating Jira tickets when AWS support tickets have been replied to. It also provides and easy way to reply to AWS cases straight from your own Jira issue. JustSupport works with all levels of AWS support including Basic, Developer, Business and Enterprise.

2 way comms across multiple accounts


  • Pulls latest updates from AWS Support tickets and pushes them into Jira tickets as comments
  • Allows a jira user to respond to the AWS ticket from within Jira by starting a comment with #DearAWS
  • When chat already exists the chat history is pulled from AWS and added to the Jira Issue
  • Supports more than one AWS ticket per Jira Issue
  • Supports multiple AWS accounts
  • 1 line Serverless Deployment

Why we wrote it:
At Just Eat we operate all of our production infrastructure in AWS across multiple accounts and regions. Keeping track of support requests raised and responding to them through the AWS console is time consuming and inefficient. Just Support lets us see the latest updates, in a central location, to issues that have been raised in our daily production meeting where we review open issues from the last 24 hours.

This appears as comments in Jira

Setup and Deployment
We’ve leveraged the serverless framework to make setup and deployment as easy as possible. The serverless deployment includes the cloudformation file to create the AWS resources the tool needs.image1

Further details on configuration are in the readme here

We’ve found JustSupport incredibly useful in saving us time managing AWS tickets. Hopefully it will help others with similar problems. We’re happy to accept contributions.