Entry Level Developers Wanted

Now taking applications

With the growing success of JUST EAT and the growth of our engineering team this year it seemed only fitting that the company looked at what it could offer to the wider tech community. So as well as our open source contributions,  JUST EAT started up various entry-level schemes earlier this year in order to discover talented individuals who had not yet gained the experience required for our more senior developer roles. An internship and three entry level positions were created, providing a stepping stone for developers entering the professional market.
Due to the success of these roles we have decided to open up three more entry level roles in our Bristol office. While we are accepting applications as of today, we do not expect to have these roles start until the end of the current academic year – July 2015. For more information on these roles and how to apply please see the full job description here.
Here are a couple of quotes to give a taste of the experiences of this year’s successful applicants…
“I love working alongside programmers who love what they do and are passionate about tech.” – Charlie Mills (Junior Developer)
Read Charlie’s story here.
“My time at JUST EAT showed me how working with a shared code-base in a professional environment is totally different to working with a code-base shared between a group of students!” – Niklas Begley (Intern)
Read Niklas’s story here.