Tech talk: Towards a Docker and containerised future

Last week, Ben Hall came and talked to us about how Docker can be used, even within a Windows-hosted platform. This was really interesting, and has opened up a few lines of experimentation; thanks Ben!


Container based deployments are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for system deployments ranging from small wordpress sites to how Google deployment their clusters.
During this talk, Ben will discuss how you can architecture your applications for use with Docker and a container based deployment approach. Ben will introduce the current Container Patterns and approaches that are moving us towards a containerised future.
At the end, developers, testers and system administrators will understand the issues associated with this new way of thinking, how production environments need to change to support containers and the advantages they bring for maintainability across multiple environments and clusters.

Ben Hall

Ben is the founder of Ocelot Uproar, a company focused on building products loved by users. Ben’s worked as systems administrator, tester, software developer and launched several companies. Still finds the time to publish a book and speak at conferences. Ben enjoys looking for the next challenges to solve, usually over an occasional beer.
Ben recently launched Scrapbook (, a hosted online environment for developers. Scrapbook helps break down the barriers to learning new technologies such as Docker & containers.


Tech talks at JUST EAT

This is one of the reciprocal tech talks that we arrange at JUST EAT. See full details here.

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