OpenSourced: OpenRasta Middleware

OpenRasta meet OWIN

We are at it again. Previously we brought you OpenRastaSwagger allow you to have shiny documentation for your APIs. Now we wanted to contribute something to the community that would get you excited again as an OpenRasta developer or someone looking for an alternative to the WebAPI world.
Enter OpenRasta.Owin – a Middleware package for the OpenRasta framework allowing you to host your APIs in Katana on the OWIN Specification.

Why have we created this?

Today we’re working in the OpenRasta community which has served us well – after all, we’ve accomplished great things. But as always many minds are always better and, by joining forces with the OWIN Middleware community, we open a whole new world of options to our solution and yours. The Middleware community has exploded recently and will continue to do so with the introduction of vNext, which is hosted on Owin/Katana by default. search: ‘Search for OWIN returned 478 packages’

‘How do I move’ We hear you say.

The move can be as easy as three steps…

  1. Remove your current OpenRasta hosting.

remove AspNet Hosting

  1. Add OpenRasta.Owin hosting Middleware.

Add OpenRasta.Owin

  1. Create the magic Startup.cs with the following code. The key feature that the OpenRasta.Owin package brings you is the UseOpenRasta Middleware extension.
public void Configuration(IAppBuilder appBuilder)
   IConfigurationSource configSources = new OpenRastaConfig();

If your project is a little more complicated and you need to specify your own dependency resolver that’s also fine. You can specify the dependency as the second parameter.

public void Configuration(IAppBuilder appBuilder)
   IConfigurationSource configSources = new OpenRastaConfig();
   IDependencyResolverAccessor customDependencyResolver = new CustomDependencyResolver()
   appBuilder.UseOpenRasta(configSources, customDependencyResolver);

I need more from this Package!!

No one is perfect and, despite our best efforts, this package might not meet everyone’s expectations. But don’t worry – there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light is you…. Yes, you can contribute or even fork it and make it your own. Take a look at the licence on GitHub for peace of mind.


Source code is available on GitHub here:
NuGet packages available here: