Conference: JECON 2014

Over 50 technology minded peopleĀ attended JUST EAT’s first Engineering Conference (JECON) at the start of this month.
The highest rated sessions from the day were a mix of Engineering Concepts, Technical Work and Conceptual Thinking, all presented by members of the Engineering team at JUST EAT. Some particularly popular sessions were The Forgotten Process (Principles of TDD), Building a distributed system using EDA and Future technology for restaurants.
While there were some lessons to be learnt around timing of events and ensuring there is more coffee (never underestimate how much caffeine you need!), the event was declared a success and we’re looking forward to putting on another one in 6 months time.


Here’s the full timetable of over 15 sessions spread over 3 tracks – please do come and join us at an upcoming event if you’d like to find out more about any of them.